Today the server has received 2 crashes that have been kept and the server turned off for a while. Therefore, you will be given 150 WC that you should already have in your accounts right now.

The problem has already been reported to the technical support of IGCN, it is very possible that between tomorrow or the day after tomorrow the problem of the Crash is fixed.

I apologize for the time it has been turned off.


From World of Mu, we welcome all users with our server. From now on you can play World of Mu. Create your account, download the client and start playing!



Are you new? Okay, I inform you that on May 25 of 2019, we will open our server. It will be done at 16:00 hours Europe/Madrid. All users who connect that same day will receive an extra reward for attending our opening.

If you need more information, go to our [Information] section and do not hesitate to join our [Discord] where we are active 24 hours a day to help you in your problems, doubts or suggestions.

If you want you can also download our client from the [Downloads] section before the date to be prepared.

Remember that this server will be focused at all times on the PvP, thus creating leagues, tournaments and PvP rankings that will allocate rewards at the time.


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